MIT Students Blog about Climate Change

Students from ESD.110/12.846 are putting together a blog about the science and politics of climate change, while virtually participating in COP-19 in Warsaw (11-22 November 2013). Head over to their blog to check it out! Also, you can follow us on twitter using hashtag #MITESD110 as we tweet real-time about climate policy and what's going on in negotiations.

Selin group modeling for NOMADSS


Noelle Selin, Amanda Giang and Shaojie Song are providing information from the GEOS-Chem mercury simulation to the NOMADSS campaign, from 1 June - 15 July 2013 in Smyrna, TN. NOMADSS stands for "Nitrogen, Oxidants, Mercury and Aerosol Distributions, Sources and Sinks." For more information about this summer's Southeast Atmosphere Study, see the home page or our blog 

General exam successes, graduation celebrations!

Congratulations to Shaojie Song and Colin Pike-Thackray, who recently passed their general exams in the Program on Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate (PAOC) in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Now for the thesis!

Also congrats to Amanda Giang, who graduated with her Master of Science degree in Technology and Policy. Her thesis on mercury impacts in the U.S. can be found here. Amanda will be entering the PhD program in MIT's Engineering Systems Division in the fall, and we look forward to her continued work!

Here's a picture from our group celebration at Meadhall.

(l-r: Shaojie Song, Jareth Holt, Amanda Giang, Carey Friedman, Rebecca Saari, Leah Stokes, Colin Pike-Thackray, Ellen Czaika, Noelle Selin)

Group Photo
Group Photo

Best thesis nominee and best advisor award for Technology and Policy!

This spring, at the Technology and Policy Program thesis signing ceremony, the Selin group was doubly honored. Amanda Giang was a runner-up/nominee for the TPP Best Thesis award (nominated by Noelle), and Noelle Selin was named TPP's best advisor for 2013 (nominated by Amanda!) See a picture of Noelle receiving the advisor award from Amanda, below. You can also read Amanda's thesis here

Best Thesis and Best Advisor
Best Thesis and Best Advisor

Tammy Thompson moves to CIRA as Research Scientist

Selin group postdoc Tammy Thompson has finished her work at MIT and has taken up a new position as Research Scientist at the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere at Colorado State University. Tammy will be working on regional modeling and air quality in U.S. National Parks. Congrats to Tammy on the new position -- she will be missed! Here are a few pictures from Tammy's goodbye gathering at the MIT Global Change Joint Program. 


a partial group picture: l-r: Shaojie Song, Colin Pike-Thackray, Amanda Giang, Tammy Thompson, Rebecca Saari, Noelle Selin


Carrot cake!

Selin discusses new global mercury treaty at Pardee House Seminar

On February 25th, Noelle Selin spoke as part of a panel on the new Minamata Convention on mercury at the Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future at Boston University. See more information and an article on the panel at the link below.

Panelists Discuss New Global Mercury Treaty at Pardee House Seminar » Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future | Blog Archive | Boston University.

Late Lessons report and mercury chapter released by European Environment Agency

Today, the European Environment Agency (EEA) released its report Late Lessons from Early Warnings: Science, Precaution, Innovation.  The report is the second of its type produced by the EEA, and includes a number of case studies of applying the precautionary principle to a diverse range of chemical and technological innovations. It includes a thorough discussion of issues of mercury in the environment, including a contribution by Noelle (see pages 157-161). 

Selin and students in Geneva for final Hg treaty negotiations

From 12-18 January, Noelle will be in Geneva along with ten MIT graduate students as part of the class ESD.S50, attending the fifth negotiating session for a global treaty on mercury. Funded as part of Noelle's NSF CAREER grant (More info here), the goal of the trip is to help inform negotiators, scientists, and the general public with the latest scientific findings on mercury of relevance to the treaty process. Read the MIT news article on the trip here

Follow along as the students blog and tweet (@MITMercury and #MITMercury) live from the negotiations!