Selin quoted in New York Times/IHT on Hg science and policy

The mercury problem was addressed by the Green Column of the New York Times/International Herald Tribune today. An excerpt:

In January, representatives of dozens of countries will gather in Geneva to discuss combating mercury emissions. But the extent to which countries will commit to reducing mercury, and whether they will follow through on those commitments, are open questions. “What remains to be seen is the stringency of the requirements,” said Noelle Eckley Selin, an assistant professor of engineering systems and atmospheric chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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China pollution paper in USA Today and news worldwide


Our Global Environmental Change paper has been featured in numerous news articles, including in USA Today and Reuters. The story has been picked up across the United States (Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Hartford Courant, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, ) and the world (ChinaIndia, Singapore, Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Brazil and more!)

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EPA air chief speaks with MIT panel, including Selin

On Friday, January 27th, EPA Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation Gina McCarthy came to MIT to talk with the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, and spoke with a panel including Noelle Selin. Topics of discussion included energy, climate, and mercury. See below for an MIT news office article on the event. 


    EPA air chief talks energy, environment with MIT experts - MIT News Office.